DragonEye Technology Handheld Lidar

DragonEye Technology Handheld Lidar

DragonEye Technology designs and manufactures laser based sensing and imaging products specializing in law enforcement traffic safety systems. Our team members have extensive experience going back to the origins of police LIDAR in the early 1990s.

Our systems are designed to be rugged, reliable, affordable and most importantly……accurate. We understand the importance of equipment “up time” and provide the best possible service and support for all of our products.

From advanced hand-held LIDAR units to fully automated traffic enforcement programs with complete back office processing services, DragonEye Technology will give your program the performance, quality and integrity it deserves.

All Products are Designed, Tested, Assembled & Serviced in the United States

DragonEye Technology focuses on delivering quality products along with timely customer support and service. While providing a core base of products in the law enforcement speed measurement market, we also address the broader electro-optic sensing and image market in select areas.

Scott Patterson, President and CEO, developed his knowledge and experience working in the military electro-optics arena. His design and engineering work included laser rangefinders for vehicle fire control systems, head-up displays for aircraft and automobiles and chemical sensing systems using imaging and differential absorption LIDAR. Mr. Patterson founded and served as President/CEO of both Laser Atlanta Optics, Inc. and LaserCraft, Inc. Through these entities, four generations of police LIDAR and sophisticated automated photo-enforcement systems were developed and produced.

Our key team members have significant experience in engineering, production and service of electro-optical equipment. DragonEye Technology designs, assembles, tests and services its products in the United States.

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