PATROL SAFER, FARTHER & FASTER WITH RECON! The RECON Power Bike can take you Farther & Faster on Patrol. The Pedal Assist function will revolutionize your Biking Patrol experience.  Don’t worry about fatigue or response time with RECON, the powerful electric direct drive motor can assist you as you see fit. Faster response and less fatigue when arriving on scene equals a safer, efficient, and more successful Patrol.

LPR Bike Patrol

powered by Ekin

  • The first and only smart patrol bike in the world which performs license plate recognition and parking violation detection on the move. Ekin Bike Patrol allows officers to patrol areas where other solutions fail to do so. It’s functions include: License Plate Recognition 
    • Automatic license plate recognition for moving or parked vehicles
    • Capability to recognize license plates correctly under night, day, adverse weather and challenging traffic conditions
    • High accuracy number plate recognition whether Recon Bike Patrol vehicle is on the move or parked
    • Identification of wanted or stolen vehicles over specific database
  • Parking Violation Detection
    • Detection of all the license plates at parking violation areas
    • Parking violation detection ability whether Recon Bike Patrol vehicle is on the move or parked
    • High resolution images of violating vehicles in order to use as evidence

Municipal Departments

The Nations Leading Provider of Law Enforcement Ebikes

Recon is the nations leading supplier of Police Ebikes to Law Enforcement, with Police Bikes in over 35 States. Recon’s Power Bikes offer many advantages to Municipal Law Enforcement Agencies

Our RECON bikes are fitted with a powerful electric motor, lithium ion battery, and an LCD control to harness the power. The motor can be utilized as much or as little as you prefer. It has many levels of pedal assist to power your ride as you see fit. Our flagship model the Police Interceptor can go as far as 50 miles at speeds up to 30 mph on  a single charge. Our 4″ puncture resistant tires eliminate the potential for pinch flats and make for a super comfortable ride..

Federal Agencies

Trusted by the FBI, Secret Service, Capitol Police & US Air Force

The FBI’s uniformed police force, part of the Bureau’s Security Division patrol the J. Edgar Hoover Building Headquarters 365 days a year, rain or shine. The FBI selected RECON because of the all terrain capabilities, heavy duty construction, and versatility of our powerful electric motor.


Mission Specific Power Bikes

The Military demands a heavy duty dependable all-terrain ebike. Recon produces bikes specially adapted to the needs of the armed forces and can manufacture mission specific ebikes. Whether it be for patrol by the Military Police, a folding jump bike for paratroopers, to insert a sniper team silently, or scanning an airfield for FOD, Recon has a bike for your mission.

Campus Police

The Ultimate Campus Patrol Vehicle

Power Bikes fill the extensive divide between the typical squad car and the patrol officer walking the beat with a host of advantages. An officer can respond to a call at a distance of several miles, utilizing the electric motor, via pedal assist or throttle without being fatigued.  Response times can be greatly improved with the mobility and power of an ebike being able to navigate effortlessly through traffic congestion, in off-road conditions as well as over curbs and stairs in an urban environment. No vehicle can consistently compare in response time across campus.

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