Get the most Bike for your buck! RECON Power Bikes is dedicated to the highest quality Electric Bike at the best cost. Our All Terrain Power Bikes are made MILITARY TOUGH! RECON Power Bikes makes the best e-bikes on the market today. We offer different options for you to choose from, so you can find the perfect model, fit, and style for you, as well as what features and power options you are looking for. Our electric bikes offer unprecedented power, beauty, and performance.

RECON Ranger

The RECON RANGER electric bike is built to take you on the toughest trails, up the highest mountains, and on the longest journeys. Coming in stunning colors such as black, white, desert tan, and multicam, this electric bike has power when you need it, with a 1000 watt mid-drive motor, hydraulic disks and front suspension system to absorb all the bumps, and four-inch tires that are puncture resistant. No matter if you are rock climbing or road biking, this e-bike will not let you know. Use its full power or pedal all your heart out, these electric mountain bikes are built to last.


One of our most popular e-bikes, our RECON COMMANDO electric bike offers a 750 watt rear hub motor, 48V lithium-ion battery, 26″ wheels, and a front suspension system with a mechanical disc. If you fashion yourself a weekend warrior, taking to the mountains to hike or fish, hitting the road to lose yourself in the wind, or just taking a nice, leisurely stroll with the family, this electric bike will not fail you. This battery-powered bike comes in black or white and has a Shimano shifter. Every feature about this e-bike screams durability, longevity, and toughness. Invest in the best with RECON COMMANDO.


If you are looking for a more traditional style bike, then our RECON SORTIE might meet your needs. Featuring a V-Shape design so you can step through it easily, this e-bike provides you with amazing features to take you to the highest hill quickly and without losing your breath. Featuring a 750 watt rear hub motor with a 48 volt lithium ion battery, these motorized bikes are super comfortable and can easily increase your endurance in sports. Stable and adjustable, you can ride for hours on this electric bike.

2020 Recon Scout w Fenders

RECON Power Bikes’ smallest and lightest model, our RECON scout is a foldable electric bike to make it easy to transport and store. This e-bike will fit inside most standard closets, making this bike the perfect e-bike for your apartment living needs. These electric bikes also make perfect commuter bikes because you can store them discreetly in your office space as well. The 500 watt hub motor features five levels of pedal assistance and is easy to control with just a thumb throttle. With our Velo plush seat, you’ll be ready for your next adventure any time!


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Business Operations Manager
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