Get the most Bike for your buck! RECON Power Bikes is dedicated to the highest quality Electric Bike at the best cost. All of our All Terrain Power Bikes are made MILITARY TOUGH! RECON Power Bikes makes the best e-bikes on the market today, built for a long life. We offer different options for you to choose from, so you can find the perfect model, fit, and style for you, as well as what features and power options you are looking for. Our electric bikes offer unprecedented power, beauty, and performance. Find out which one best suits your needs!

RECON Ranger
$3,595 + shipping

$2,395 + shipping

$2,395 + shipping

2020 Recon Scout w fenders
$3,595 + shipping

Back Country Riding

All of our bikes are built with a front suspension, fat boy puncture resistant tires, and Shimano gears making them ideal for Mountain Biking and Overlanding. From the deserts of Arizona to the rainforests of Alaska, Recon has been there and can handle the challenging terrain and weather conditions. Take your experience to the next level with our Military grade tried and tested Electronic Recon Bikes

Commuting & Urban

Recon Power Bikes are perfect for city use and daily commuting. With speeds up to 20 mph and range up to 50 miles, being late to work should never be an issue. Great for your health and with no pollution. Explore the city with ease, great for sight seeing as well! 

Hunting and Fishing

Electric Bikes are one of the hottest new products in the hunting and fishing world. With the versatility to go into remote locations with ease, along with the the stealth of a quiet electric motor. Don’t let the lack of noise fool you though, our bikes are anything but weak. Featuring a 750-1,000 watt motor and a  48 volt lithium ion battery, you won’t have any issues on a back country mission. Even recovering your game is made easy witht the  Recon Stealth Trailer. Conveniently carry your bow or rifle on the Firearms & Bow Holder. Even recovering your game is easy with the Stealth Trailer.

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