The implementation of Noptic into our patrol fleet has been a game changer. No longer can those with ‘ill-will intent’ lurk in the shadows every time they see an approaching squad car. Mike Martin has consistently provided reliable and competent service for our agency and we look forward to continuing our relationship into the future.

– PD in Minnesota

The spotlight mounted Noptic camera has become another tool Golden Valley Officers are using on a daily basis to stay ahead of the curve. The department has had handheld thermal cameras for over 10 years. However, the Noptic Camera has some clear advantages including; it is easily accessible and ready to go at any time, the ability to using during routine patrol without having to roll down the windows, and the ability to fully pan/tilt the camera. This allows officers to search area much faster and more often than if they were to use a handheld thermal camera. Using the Noptic cameras, Golden Valley Officers have located many suspects and vehicles involved in criminal activity in our community and have the goal to install Noptic cameras on all squads in the future.

– PD in Minnesota

The NOPTIC System has been a great thermal imaging tool for our officers to use every day in their patrols. Because they are attached they are always there, ready to go, in the officers’ patrol vehicles helping them do their job more effectively.

In the continuous struggle to find the best equipment while maintaining fiscal responsibility, the cost for value return makes NOPTIC an easy choice.

– PD in Utah

NOPTIC cameras are phenomenal. We’ve used them multiple times and the second day one of our Sergeants caught some car burglars with it.

– PD in Illinois

I couldn’t be happier with this camera. Giving the night shift officers the ability to see in the dark is awesome. Officers now have the ability to appear out of nowhere and ward off any criminal/mischievous behavior. It helps us stay one step ahead. Again, thank you for this piece of equipment, I have budgeted for an additional camera next year.

– University Public Safety Dept in North Carolina

At 3:46 AM our communication center received a 911 call from a resident reporting (3) males attempting to gain entry into his vehicle. These males fled on foot when confronted by the resident. Our patrols converged on the area and began to set up a perimeter. While on the perimeter one of our officers parked his patrol unit with his lights out and in the shadows. He then activated his Noptic thermal imaging camera. While scanning the area he observed (3) heat sources moving approximately 1,500 feet away from his location. These (3) heat sources were observed off the sidewalk area, on residential property and not visible with his naked eye. Our officer radioed to our back-up patrols and guided them in to the area where he was tracking these (3) heat sources. These guided directions allowed for our patrols to tactically approach and locate the (3) heat sources staying out of view on the front lawn of a private residence. These (3) males were detained and positively identified as the (3) males that were attempting to gain access to the 911 caller’s vehicle and fled.

Individuals that engage in criminal activity will hide in the shadows when they see the headlights coming or relocate their hiding position when they think they cannot be seen. This was a perfect example of criminals relocating their hiding positions under the cover of darkness. However, we now have the ability to move the cover of darkness to our advantage. This was a successful apprehension due to the Noptic thermal imaging equipment.

Again, I would like to thank you for helping me through this project. I can truly say our community and officers are safer today than they were prior to Noptic thermal imaging.

– Police Dept in New Jersey

The Noptic Thermal has been instrumental in a wide variety of incidents across our County. The most relevant situations at the forefront include several instances where we were able to use this equipment in the search and apprehension of subjects in manhunt scenarios. Our night shift Deputies use the Noptic Thermal every night during security business checks as well as residential security checks. With this technology we are able to complete 50% more checks than before, due to imaging, which shows open doors, windows, suspicious individuals, as well as heat radiating from vehicles that may not be authorized to be on properties.

– Sheriff’s Dept. in Ohio

When we got our first Noptic and put it into service my midnight officer was patrolling and found a man hidden in a bush on the first night with it. The guy wasn’t even wanted he was just hiding from the Police. Two days later the same officer caught 2 people hiding in a dark area of an alley. It made my boss, the city administrator, a believer because one of the two people caught was his juvenile son that snuck out of the house for the night. LOL

Thank you again for these devices… they are amazing!

– PD in Oklahoma